Looking for an app to drill basic theory skills? This iPad app from Alfred Music is a great pick for beginning students.


Download Music for Little Mozarts App


The app provides drill and practice activities for:

  • Distinguishing between High and Low Sounds
  • Melodic Direction (Up or Down)
  • Rhythmic Identification (Simple Rhythms)
  • Notes Naming Skill Development

Other notable features for this app include a point system rewards students for correct answers, and cute watercolor animals that are sure to be a hit with kids. It would be nice to see app developed that meet the growing needs of students as they progress through the Alfred series piano books.


More Recommended Apps

MMF! Piano Primer App | Download on Apple App Store
Treble Clef Kids | Download on Apple App Store

Are your kids just getting started with music? MakingMusicFun.net has a set of flash cards that are super cute that you can download for FREE.

Download Flash Frog™ Flashcards


About these Flashcards
Flash Frog™ flashcards drill note names, basic rhythms, basic dynamics and a few more musical symbols that are commonly seen in beginning music books. They’re perfect for the beginning piano student, but can also be used with recorder and guitar students as well. You can also use the cards to play a matching game, or print two sets and play “Go Fish”.


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Get these free printable concentration (memory) games from MakingMusicFun.net, and add some excitement to your note name drills.

Begin by selecting 16 cards (8 note cards and 8 alphabet letter cards). Then test your memory and your ability identify the notes of the treble, bass or viola clef. The player with the most pairs of matching cards at the end of the game wins. For two or more players. One player could race the clock, trying to beat a previous time.

Free Printable Concentration (Memory) Game | Treble Clef

Free Printable Concentration (Memory) Game | Bass Clef

Free Printable Concentration (Memory) Game | Viola (Alto) Clef

Want Music Flash Cards? Find them at the following link:

Free Printable Flash Cards | Treble and Bass Clef

Flash cards are a great way to introduce young pianists to their note names. The following links will take you to two pages where you can instantly print a collection of nicely designed flash cards. Since our desktop printers don’t print double-sided, an answer key is provided at the end if you need help marking the backs of the cards with the answers.

Free Music Theory Flash Cards | Treble Clef from MakingMusicFun.net










Free Music Theory Flash Cards | Bass Clef from MakingMusicFun.net


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