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Kids Benefit from Music Instruction – Music Research Studies

1) In a 1997 study of elementary students enrolled in an arts-based program, it was concluded that there was a definite correlation between students’ rising math test scores and the length of time invested in arts education classes.

“Arts Exposure and Class Performance,” Phi Delta Kappan, October, 1998.

2) A study published in 2000 revealed that music students possessing the ability to perform complex rhythms are also able to make faster and more accurate corrections in many physical academic and physical circumstances.

Center for Timing, Coordination, and Motor Skills, 2000.

3) A ten-year study indicates that students who study music achieve higher test scores, regardless of socioeconomic background.

Dr. James Catterall, UCLA

4) In a study measuring the effects of general music instruction, first grade students receiving daily music instruction scored higher on creativity tests than the control group receiving no music instruction.

K.L. Wolff, The Effects of General Music Education on the Academic Achievement, Perceptual-Motor Development, Creative Thinking, and School Attendance of First-Grade Children, 1992

5) In a study to research the influence music teachers have on African-American students, it was discovered that thirty-six percent of surveyed minority students regarded music teachers as their role models, compared to twenty-eight percent for English teachers, eleven percent for elementary teachers, and seven percent for physical education teachers.

“Music Teachers as Role Models for African-American Students,” Journal of Research in Music Education, 1993


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