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Free Homeschool Music Lesson Plan Curriculum

Here’s a collection of fun music lesson ideas for the homeschool student. Even non-musician moms will find these lesson plans and lesson materials easy and rewarding.

Download and Print Free Music Lesson Plan Curriculum

Composer Biographies

Introduce your children to the great composers with biographies that are written just for kids. Also included are free lesson lesson plans specifically designed for non-musician homeschooling moms.  It’s all there for you. No planing, no organizing.  Just click and teach.

Free Printable Composer Worksheets

Read a Meet the Composer biography with your child. Then get them started then started on a free printable composer worksheet while you put on a CD. It’s a great way to get them to listen to the music of the masters.

Free Sheet Music Index

Play the music of our great composers. Tell your music teacher about the free printable sheet music and save a little on music books.  The sheet music is organized by level for piano, from beginning Level 1 piano solos through intermediate Level 5 solos.  There are also limited sheet music collections for woodwind, brass and string instruments.  The quality of the sheet music is exceptional.

Printable Note Naming Worksheets

Drill your child’s treble and bass clef note naming skills with free printable worksheets.

Printable Intervals Worksheets

Drill your child’s interval identification and note naming skills with free printable worksheets.

Free Educational Desktop Wallpaper

Teach the instruments of the orchestra and then let the wallpaper drill the basics.

Free Music Video Lessons

Learn to play the Recorder with 5 easy to understand step-by-step video lessons including printable sheet music.



8 thoughts on “Free Homeschool Music Lesson Plan Curriculum

  1. I am homeschooling my 11 year old son, and would love for music to be a part of his curriculum. Any resources available would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Amber,
      You can find a variety of resources on for homeschooling families. There are composer biographies, lessons, worksheets and coloring pages. There are music theory worksheets and arcade games for covering the basics. There is also one of the largest collection of free printable sheet music on the web.

      If you are interested in piano lessons, this is the best time to get him started. If you need to keep thing in a strict budget, you might find a few other families interested in piano lessons, and approach a teacher about offer group lessons for $25-35 per month per child.

  2. Hi!!!! I am planning to teach music to some homeshooling children among 2 to 8 years old. Could you help me with some ideas or websites where I could find good resources in order to structure my own teaching plan?


    1. Hi Ana,
      For teaching about composers is the best site. This website features composer biographies, free worksheets, coloring pages and sheet music by many of the great composers. If you would like to teach about note naming, I recommend (Note Trainer), (Note Name Game) and for free notename worksheets and arcade games. For hands-on music making activities, you might consider approaching a piano teacher in your area, and see if they would be interested in teaching a group class. I teach several group lessons to homeschooled piano students for as low as $26 per student per month. Hope this helps. Andy

  3. I need some advice here.
    We have an organ, a flute, recorder, harmonica, and a guitar at home. Our son turns 5 in September and we need to put him in son sort of music class or lessons. I can’t find a Saturday class and any kind of lesson it seems people start with piano.
    Any advice?



    1. Hi Kim,

      Most homeschooling families do begin with piano. It’s a good place to start. You can also consider the violin, and find him a Suzuki method teacher. If you do choose a Suzuki method teacher, stay for a few years and then change to a more traditional approach. Suzuki method teachers do not focus on reading music, and it may be difficult to transition later. When he is older (5th grade) you can introduce band and other orchestra instruments to him, and see if he is interested in taking on a new challenge. At this point his physical size would prevent him from being successful on a band instrument.

      Most private lesson teachers teach Monday through Thursday. You may be able to find a teacher at a local music store for Saturday music lessons. Also try

      Hope that helps,

  4. Thank you so much for the amazing resources you have posted here! I am homeschooling my two children 5 and 2 and this is just what I’ve been looking for!

    I just have one question: I noticed there’s only “textbook”, the level 1A piano book. Is this sufficient instruction and then the child can move on to playing all the sheet music you have made available?

    Thanks again for providing all this wonderful information here for free!

    1. Hi Yusimi,
      The Level 1A Piano course will get your kids started, but it is only the beginning. (There are also videos on to help you with the first 7 songs.) Then you should progress to Alfred’s Piano Library Level 1B Book next. These courses are carefully graded and will help your children to be successful. The sheet music you find on is certainly a strong collection of material to supplement the lesson books.

      Hope that helps. Have a great school year!

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