Music Education Leads to Higher Quality of Life and Money – Harris Poll

September 3, 2008

“Whether it’s chorus, band or just violin lessons, music impacts Americans’ lives. While singing in a chorus or playing an instrument is fun, it can also provide important skills like creative problem solving that can help lead to higher education and incomes as well as personal fulfillment.”

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The study indicates:

1) The amount of education your child receives seem to be directly linked to their future tendancy toward earning advanced degrees.

2) Participation in music lessons or a neighborhood band had the highest impact on personal satisfaction.

3) More people participate in vocal groups than in any other of performance ensemble.

4) Almost half of people surveyed who participated in a music program say music education was important in giving them the ability to strive for personal excellence in a group situations.


One Response to “Music Education Leads to Higher Quality of Life and Money – Harris Poll”

  1. Finally a decent poll that doesn’t espouse ridiculous results. It proves what we should have been marketing all along – music is great fun and good for the soul – just do it!

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