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How to Make Money Online for Music Teachers and Students

Most music teachers and musicians enjoy their jobs more that most folks, but they sacrifice a level of income enjoyed by people selling insurance, computers, etc. If you’re ready to change all that, this article is for you!

The following ideas are all website based, and are successful and proven ways to generate a passive income that will work for you long after you put the effort in.

Google Adsense: Contextual Based Advertising

If you have something that is worth saying, say it on you own personal website. Once you have drafted a collection of articles, you will need to set up a Google Adsense account.  It’s easy.  Just follow the steps and then submit your application.  When you are approved you will follow the prompts to set up your ads, and generate code for your site. Copy and paste this code on to your site and wait.  It will only be pennies and nickels at first, but be patient.  Their are many websites out their that count on this program to support them.

A home tips website guy said that he was making $11,000 a month –


This is one Google featured success stories.

A dating website guy, investing very little time each day, showed his most recent check on the air for over $900,000 (for two months).


You just have to find something that everyone is interested in and the visitors will come.

You can do it to.  You just have to start.

Need Some Help Getting Started? has advice for the beginner about starting three types of passive income websites: AdSense websites, Affiliate websites, and Membership websites. You can visit this website, find out more about each of these types of websites, and then start building you own.

Here’s a free eBook from to help you take that first step:

Take Control: Passive Income Start-Up Guide | FREE eBook

If you like the idea, this same website offers free website templates to help you save hundreds on website design. These template also provide you with ideas on how to make your site a success.

Free Website Templates | Website Tips

Curious how much you can make with a website of your own? Here are a few success stories:

Success Stories | Passive Income Online

Make Educational Videos

Perhaps you’ve  always wanted to be a movie star, but just haven’t made it big yet. Maybe starting with the small, staring in educational videos might be for you. currently hosts over 120,000 videos, may be interested in paying you for the videos you make for them.  Just contact them for more information, and then fire up the web cam.

Affiliate Programs

You can also sign up with an affiliate program.  Check out Commission Junction.  They’ll give you the code that you will place on your website.  When a customer visits an affiliated website and makes a purchase, you will make a percentage of the sale.  You will need to check the arrangements of particular vendors to find out the specifics.

Music vendors include:

1) (they also have their own program)

2) Woodwind & Brasswind

3) Music 123


4) Musician’s Friend

After you have something up and going, you can take a nap, sleep in or take a vacation and still enjoy an income, of work a little harder to give yourself a raise!

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  1. Hello,
    This is a very good blog filled with helpful links. I would also like to inform your readers of American Musical Supply’s affiliate program can now be found on Commission Junction. Any exposure would be much appreciated. Feel free to sign up anytime and keep up the good work.

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