homeschool music lessons

Free Homeschool Music and Art Curriculum

Twenty years ago the availability of homeschool materials were extremely limited and sometimes quite expensive. Today, with the internet as a resource, our options are seemingly endless and often free.  It is quite possible that you could educate your child without ever spending a nickel on a formal curriculum.

Art Curriculum is one of the largest collections of art lessons and art education information on the web. They include multicultural and recyclable art activities, and art appreciation lessons and more. Even if you not looking for a formal art class, this site will provide you with a good collection of engaging hands-on activities. offers over 100 pages of drawing lessons, artist biographies, artist worksheets, free lesson plans and coloring pages. Everything is presented with a element of light-hearted fun. It’s worth a look. offers a wonderful collection of easy to do art projects for kids. Search the site by age level or media for projects that you might be interested in.

The Art Project powered by Google has virtual art museum tours to see art from around the world.

Dick Blick is a supplier of artist’s tools and craft supplies, but also has free lesson plans to download. You can also find online video lessons.

Music Curriculum

Song Tradition has a large number of songs and nursery rhymes from around the world for you to enjoy with your children. Teach your kids the song in English and then in the original language.  It will provide you with a great start to a multicultural lesson.

Great Composers include lessons designed specifically for the homeschooling children that can be taught by non-musical moms.  Choose the composer you would like to learn about, read the biography, and then teach the lesson.  Many of the composer lessons include free printable worksheet that are available on this website.

Homegrown Learners has articles on how to put together your own composer units. Oodles of link to great free resources are included.



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