Careers in Music: K-12 Music Teacher

Music teachers bring to their profession an excitement for music and education, Hoping that they will be able to excite the next generation about music. The requirements will vary depending on what level of education you are interested in.

Elementary level music teachers choose between band, orchestra or general music. In some instances they may teach a combination of these discipline. The general music teacher instructs students in a wide spectrum of music topics including reading music, music history and its composers, singing, and musical terms. The general music teacher may also offer a choral opportunity to students as an after school program. The instrumental music teacher offers instruction to students on how to play band or orchestral instruments.

Middle school and high school music teachers typically offer classes such as band, orchestra, or choir, and may also offer a theory class. Secondary music teachers also offer extra-curricular activities which may include working with specialty groups including jazz band, marching band, and pep band, and show choir. Traveling to events becomes a routine part of the teachers role, including away games for the marching band, and festivals for all performing ensembles.



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