careers in music

Careers in Music: Publisher

Music publishers are involved with such things as talent  acquisition, song plugging, copyrighting, licensing, and royalty collecting.  A career in music publishing offers a wonderful opportunity for the creative individual.

The most popular position in music publishing is in talent acquisition. The two main objectives for a person in this position is discovering and developing new songwriting artists and bands, and adding published music with a proven track record for sales to the company catalog.

Another popular position is that of a “song plugger.” A song plugger is a person you works to promote songs. In the early 20th century piano players worked as song pluggers, typically sitting on the mezzanine level of a store and playing whatever music was sent up to him by the sheet music store clerk.  George Gershwin song plugger early in his musical career.  A song pluggers role today continues to include the promotion of songs, while working to develop new songwriters and connect them with recording artists.


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