careers in music

Careers in Music: Music Store Owner

Music stores are typically family owned, with the exception of national chains like Sam Ash and The Guitar Center.  A music store owner will oversee sales, music product ordering, inventory and employees.

Music store owners also work to build good customer relationships. They will provide quick responses to questions, offer quality products and resolve complains.

Types of Music Stores

Music store owners can choose what kind of store they would like to open.

Guitar/Drum Store

If your interest and experience is in guitars, you may want to open a guitar store to include electric and acoustic guitars, strings, and amplifiers. To attract more customers, you may expand it to include drums and drum accessories.

Piano Store

If your background is in piano, you may be interested in opening a piano store.  This type of store with feature a variety of digital and acoustic pianos and music books.  You may also have a piano tuner on staff to service the pianos you sell.

Band and Orchestra Store

If you have enjoyed many years playing in the band or orchestra, a band and orchestra instrument store is a perfect fit for you.  This store will include band and orchestra instruments, accessories and music books. Maintaining a staff of private teachers offering private lessons is a great way to keep customers coming back.


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