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Careers in Music: Music Therapist

Music therapists combine music, education, and therapy to help people with disabilities improve their physical and mental health. Insight and patience are essential for music therapists. Music therapists should possess a music skills, and have compassion for disabled people.A music therapist can find employment at a number of places including hospitals, schools, clinics, mental health centers, nursing homes.  They may also choose to open a private practice.

Required knowledge and skills include formal study of behavioral and physical sciences, piano and/or guitar skills, or other instruments, a talent for adapting music for the individual, and a knowledge of instruments and the voice. Minimum training required for this type of position is a Bachelor’s degree in music therapy.



2 thoughts on “Careers in Music: Music Therapist

  1. Music therapy is a great way to give back to the community and help people with your individual talents. It takes a special person to fulfill all the requirements that a music therapists requires, but it is a rewarding career nonetheless.

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