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Careers in Music: Event Coordinator

Event Coordinator Responsibilities

An event coordinator plans, coordinates, and evaluates special events. The coordinator plans an event with his/her own ideas or those of someone else, and then guides the implementation of those ideas from beginning to end. The event coordinator works with information that they have been given, such as the type of event, what the event is for, the number of people attending the event, the time given to complete all tasks, and the budget for the event. Another primary responsibility of an event coordinator is to maintain an annual calendar of events. After he/she has an understanding of what will be required for a particular event, the event planner works with music agents, party supply vendors, and caterers.  He/she may also arrange for transportation, hotel rooms, and whatever else is needed to prepare of the venue for the event. Every detail of the event is overseen by the events coordinator.

Employment Opportunities

There are many opportunities for employment as a event coordinator. As an event coordinator you may find yourself with opportunities to plan sporting events, corporate parties, conventions, music concerts, or fundraising events.


An Entertainment Management degree is recommended for employment in this field.  A background in marketing is also a helpful skill in event planning. When the event calls for rental and performance contracts, a modest knowledge of business law is useful. It is also beneficial to good financial management and communication/public relations skills.

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Event Coordinator


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