careers in music

Careers in Music: Performer/Accompanist

A career in music performance has great appeal to many people. For the fortunate few, a career in music performance can be very successful and financially rewarding. Though, for those few that see success there are many equally talented individuals that never see there moment in the spotlight.

If a music performance career appeals to you, be prepared to work hard.  Start practicing today, and never give up.  Listen to you favorite artists.  Discover what it is that they do that you like so much.  Practice some more.  Forming a style that is all your own is what will set you apart from everyone else.

A concert pianist is by far one of the hardest career tracks to be successful in, though with hard work, anything is possible.

Other performance opportunities for a pianist include:

1) Orchestra Ensemble Pianist

2) Church Pianist

3) Music Theater Pianist

4) University Choir Pianist

5) Solo Accompanist

6) Chamber Ensemble Member

7) Wedding Pianist

8) Private Teacher

9) Rock Band Keyboardist

10) Jazz Band Keyboardist

Recommended Skills/Training

Experience in high school band, orchestra, small ensembles, and/or solo experience is recommended. College degrees are not necessary to be successful, though it is typically the best choice for individuals that desire a career in music performance.



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