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Wedding Music for Piano | Free Sheet Music

You make some tough choices when you are planning for a wedding.  Everything costs so much, and you want your day to be perfect. Well here is a little help to make your dreams come true – free printable sheet music.  Just send your pianist the link and check this task off your list.

Download and Print Free Piano Sheet Music

Wedding March/Bridal Chorus for Piano Solo by Richard Wagner

This piece was written by German composer Richard Wagner for his opera “Lohengrin.”  Wagner is considered one of the great composers of the romantic period in music.


Wedding Day at Troldhaugen (Op.65 No.6) from the “Lyric Pieces”

“Wedding Day at TroldHaugen” is a popular piece within the collection of lyric pieces for piano by Edvard Grieg. Troldhaugen is the name given to Edvard Grieg’s house in Bergen. The word “Troldhaugen” is translated “Troll’s Hill”. This piece is dedicated to his family home and also perhaps to his marriage. The music may be downloaded in printable PDF format.




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