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Alfred’s Basic Piano Library – Piano Lesson Books Review

Alfred’s Basic Piano Library is a leading piano book series for the beginning and intermediate piano student. Throughout each level a wonderful world of excitement is opened for piano students in their first years of study.


The Collection

Piano Lessons – Core Study

The Lesson Books are carefully designed to progress in a smooth and consistent manner. Supplemental books in the Alfred’s Basic Piano Library series are correlated with the core lesson books.

The Theory Books are filled with a wide selection of fun activities designed to reinforce the musical idea presented in the lesson books. They are clear, effective, and engaging for the young learner.

The Technic Books work to develop coordination of the hands. The exercises are short, with repetitive rhythms that make reading very easy.

Piano Lessons – Supplemental Study

The Recital Books include well-written solos which are perfect for recitals.

The Ear Training Books provide additional reinforcement through rhythmic, melodic and intervallic drills.

The Repertoire Books provide the piano student with popular works from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern eras.


Strengths: The series is well organized and the music generally well written.

Weaknesses: Some of the arrangements could be reworked to achieve a more pleasing sound.

Overall: Highly Recommended


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