Piano Chords and Accompanying for Beginners | Free Lead Sheets

Learning about intervals, chords, arranging and accompanying are basic building blocks for the young piano student.

MusicTheory.net provides a great introduction to intervals with Generic Intervals  and Specific Interval lessons.  After you understand these basics you can check out Introduction to Chords and Triad Inversion.

After learning the basics about intervals and chords, and then forming your first few chords at the piano, you will need some music to drill your skills. MakingMusicFun.net offers a collection of free printable song sheets of popular kid’s songs.  Most of the songs have only two or three chords, and will provide and easy introduction to making chord accompaniments.

Download and Print Free Lead Sheets

Bible Songs and Rhymes
Jesus Loves Me | Music, Lyrics, Guitar Chords

Mother Goose Nursery Songs and Rhymes
Hey Diddle Diddle | Music, Lyrics, Guitar Chords

Holiday Songs
Run from the Farmer | Music, Lyrics, Guitar Chords

Lullaby Songs
Brahms’ Lullaby | Music, Lyrics, Guitar Chords

Traditional Children’s Songs and Rhymes
Baby Bumblebee | Music, Lyrics, Guitar Chords
Entry Kentry | Music, Lyrics, Guitar Chords
Hickory Dickory Dock | Music, Lyrics, Guitar Chords
Hokey Pokey | Music, Lyrics, Guitar Chords
Hush Little Baby | Music, Lyrics, Guitar Chords
If You’re Happy and You Know It | Music, Lyrics, Guitar Chords
Itsy Bitsy Spider | Music, Lyrics, Guitar Chords
John Kanaka | Music, Lyrics, Guitar Chords
Little Bunny Foo Foo | Music, Lyrics, Guitar Chords
Old King Cole | Music, Lyrics, Guitar Chords
Old MacDonald | Music, Lyrics, Guitar Chords
Simple Gifts | Music, Lyrics, Guitar Chords



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