“Surprise” Symphony | Free Sheet Music, Lesson Plans and Resources

February 25, 2009

Perhaps more than any other music composer, Franz Joseph Haydn is known for his wit. The most popular example is found in his Surprise Symphony when his light simple melody is suddenly interrupted by a loud chord, “surprising” the audience.

The following collection of resources which focus Haydn and his Surprise Symphony are available on the MakingMusicFun.net website.  Check out the biography first and then branch out from there. Every one of these lesson ideas and printable resources are sure fire winners!

Hey Kids, Meet Franz Joseph Haydn | Biography

Free Printable Composer Biography
Franz Joseph Haydn Printable Biography


Free Printable Sheet Music
“Surprise” Symphony for Easy/Level 2 Piano Solo

Free Printable Worksheets
“Surprise” Symphony Listening Map
Franz Joseph Haydn Word Search
Franz Joseph Haydn Coloring Page

Music Lesson Plans
Haydn Surprise Symphony Listening and Activity Lesson Plan | Grade 3-4
Franz Joseph Haydn | Homeschool Lesson Plans


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