Fantastic Music Education Resources on

June 24, 2009

Every article on is composed by a real person you can talk to.  Your guide in Music Education is Espie Estrella, a pianist and songwriter.

Espie says:

“Music is all around us; it touches everyone regardless of culture and age. As your guide to music education, it is my goal to introduce you to topics relating to music. From music history to types of musical instruments and other relevant subjects, I hope this web site will be of help to you. Nobody is too young or too old for music, that’s why I wish you the inspiration to pursue your musical dream.”

In my many visits to Espie’s content on I have been pleased to find well planned, and well written articles.

Music Education – Homepage
Instruments – A beginner’s guide for selecting and learning how to play an instrument.
Music Theory – Learn music theory basics including basic symbols, scales and intervals and triads and chords.
History and Composers – Learn about how music has evolved over the centuries, and get to know the famous composers from each musical period.

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