Free Sheet Music | Rondeau by Jean-Joseph Mouret for Piano

July 4, 2009

Rondeau is a written in rondo form. It is from Jean-Joseph Mouret’s first Suite de Symphonies written in 1729. It became popular as the theme song for Masterpiece theater and remains a popular choice at weddings.

Free Sheet Music for Easy Piano Solo

Rondeau for Piano Solo (Simplified)



About the Composer
Jean-Joseph Mouret (April 11, 1682, Avignon – December 22, 1738, Charenton-le-Pont) was a French composer whose dramatic works made him one of the leading exponents of Baroque music in his country. Even though most of his works are no longer performed, Mouret’s name survives today thanks to the popularity of the Fanfare-Rondeau from his first Suite de Symphonies, which has been adopted as the signature tune of the PBS program Masterpiece and is a popular musical choice in many modern weddings.



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