Tarantella (Pieczonka) | Free Easy Piano Sheet Music

Albert Pieczonka (1828-1912) was a composer, piano player and teacher who lived in England, Germany, England, and the USA. His most famous work is Tarantella in A Minor. At 100 year after his death it remains popular piano repertoire.

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Tarantella (Pieczonka) | Free Easy Piano Sheet Music by A. Pieczonka


About the Composer
Although long shrouded in mystery, the life and works of Albert Pieczonka, composer of the famous Tarantella in A Minor for piano, have now come to light.

Albert Emil Theodor Pieczonka was born in Königsberg, East Prussia (now Kalinigrad, Russia), on February 10, 1828. The Pieczonka family was originally from Lissa, Poland and immigrated to Königsberg shortly after the French Revolution. The name is pronounced: pyeh-CHUN-kah.

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