Music Teacher Directories | Review/Comparison

Interested in finding new music students? The following online directories represent value-driven ways to find that next great student. Each will be reviewed and ranked on a 1-5 scale (5 represents best value). – 5
Perhaps the oldest music teacher directory, attracts 300,000+ visitors each month. Teacher profiles allow you to provide a “snapshot” of your information, and then click links to see additional details.

Subscription Fee: $99.95 per year – 4
Launched in 2006, this music teacher directory is one of the largest and most useful online resources for music teachers. lets you to link to your own studio website or YouTube videos as well as letting potential music students contact you by telephone. This choice doesn’t always help them, because teachers don’t know where the referral came from, and therefore don’t appreciate the value of this service at times. It is, however, a wonderfully appreciated advantage for teachers.

Subscription Fee: $49.95 per year subscription fee – Also supported by ads – 5
Craigslist, a classified listing service,  has proven to be a terrific resource for letting prospective students know that you have a few openings. Almost every ad that I place it worth the investment of my time.

Subscription Fee: Select Paid Ads – 3
Launched in 2009, this music teacher directory offers visitors the ability to search for teachers in USA and Canada. Actually traffic is not known, though the alexa ranking and the age of this website indicate that traffic to the website is still fairly low. At the date of this post they are offering a one year trail membership. In the future memberships will cost 39.00 per year. They do seem like they are a web-based service to keep your eye on.

Subscription Fee: Free Trial/39.00 per year subscription fee

I hope you find some fantastic new music students!



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