Free Website Templates for your Music Studio Website

Need an inexpensive way to put up a website for music music lesson studio? Here are a few free website templates that are attractive, and incredibly helpful in making the most of your new website. These free website templates offer:

1) Awesome tips on where to put text so that your visitors will be most likely to see it
2) Tips on identifying keywords that will help draw visitors through online search
3) Completely editable themes with Adobe Illustrator (Get a free 30 day trial on the Adobe website).

How to Build Your First Website with a Free Website Template
Check out this easy-to-understand tutorial that will help you build a simple and useful website from a generic free website template.

Download Free Website Templates


Download Free Website Templates


Download Free Website Templates


Download Free Website Templates (Click Link)


Download Free Website Templates (Click Link)


Download Free Website Templates (Click Link)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Website Templates
The internet has become a place where people with no website development experience can come and set up a website for themselves with relative ease. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages for using these predesigned free website templates.


  • Free website templates are just that – FREE! They offer you the opportunity to save hundreds on the design of your website.
  • You get to see what your design will look like the moment you see the template. This same advantage is not offered to you when you hire a designer. While many designers are competent, some are not, and the results will sometimes be far less than satisfactory.


  • The first and most obvious disadvantage is that the very same free website template may be being used somewhere else. If you do choose to use a free website template, spend a little time customizing the theme you have chosen. Using your own pictures is a great start toward making it you own. (Note: The website templates linked to above are in Adobe Illustrator files, which allows you to completely change the color of the design.)
  • You will not receive website designer support in the customization and launching of your website. You need not limit yourself, however. Save hundreds by downloading your favorite template. Then take it to a designer with your ideas for customization. They’ll know just what to do.
  • Templates don’t offer interior pages designs. This is often the case, though it is not true of the designs offered above. Just click to download one of the free templates and check them out.



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