Rootbeer, Rootbeer, I Love You! | Free Sheet Music for Easy Piano Solo

February 11, 2012

Here’s a silly song for piano solo, that’s sure to be a hit with your piano students. I introduced Rootbeer, Rootbeer, I Love You! to one of my students, and she laughed so hard that she could barely pay attention to her lesson. This piano sheet music is best suited for students with 1-2 years of playing experience.


Download Rootbeer, Rootbeer, I Love You! for Easy Piano Solo | Level 2

Rootbeer, Rootbeer, I Love You! is’s tribute to the creamiest, and dreamiest of soft drinks. Gather your friends and family to sing one of the silliest silly songs ever!

Creamy, dreamy, fizzy brew,
Rootbeer, rootbeer, I love you.
Soon we will go to the store,
So my mom can buy me more.

In a tutu I will dance,
Even in my underpants,
I will dance so all can see,
That you fill my heart with glee.

Rootbeer Float Recipies
Add to the fun by rewarding your kids for practicing with a rootbeer float. (Reward yourself with a rootbeer float as well parents – you deserve it!) Here are 20 fantastic, fun filled recipes to try:

“Classic” Rootbeer Float
Marble Fudge Zinger™ Rootbeer Float
Pistachio Fudge Dazzler™ Rootbeer Float
Strawberry Patch Jubilee™ Rootbeer Float
Rocky Road Explosion™ Rootbeer Float
Pirate Booty™ Rootbeer Float
Butterfinger® Brownie Blast™ Rootbeer Float
Licorice Lips™ Rootbeer Float
Oreo Cookie Crumble™ Rootbeer Float
Triple Chocolate Death™ Rootbeer Float
Mint Chip Fantasy™ Rootbeer Float
Flower Pot™ Rootbeer Float
Marshmallow Madness™ Rootbeer Float
Brown Cow Rootbeer Float
Red Velvet Brownie™ Rootbeer Float
M&M Rainbow™ Rootbeer Float
Peanut Butter Cup Parfait™ Rootbeer Float
Caramel Jazz™ Rootbeer Float
S’mores Rootbeer Float
Chocolate Rasberry Cheesecake™ Rootbeer Float


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