How to Increase the Success of Your Music Teacher Directory Profiles

June 10, 2012

How to Increase Student Contacts
It’s hard to say what parents are looking for all the time. But here are a few basic rules for success:

1) Include a Picture – It helps people warm up to you ever so much.

2) Share the Benefits – Student/parents want to know what the benefits are to them. Include stuff that you’ve accomplished, but spend most of the time telling them how you will meet their needs.

3) Include a Link – Include a link to your website or a YouTube video so potential students/parents can get to know you a little better… or see you in action!

4) List Instruments – List all the instruments that you feel comfortable teaching. Many directories limit the number of instruments that you can included for on-site search. Adding all of them in your profile will still help those folks searching for with a search engine.

5) List All Surrounding Cites – Adding all surrounding cities to your profile will again still help those folks searching for with a search engine.

I wish you great success!


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