The Music Lesson Policy | Ideas for Success

Need some help establishing your music lesson policy? Here are a few ideas to get your started.

Music Lesson Policy Ideas
A well written lesson policy is the foundation of a successful music studio. It establishes an understanding between you and the student/parent right from the beginning, and is an important part of making sure you stay on track with your budget.

The following ideas are ones that I have found to be effective, or have seen other teachers use. I hope you find them useful.

Charge Monthly/Quarterly
Ask for payment by the month or quarter. If you do, you’ll have more time to teach, and spend less time asking for payment and managing your payment records for Uncle Sam.

I ask for checks at the beginning of each month. Like so many other teachers, I have a hard time with the whole money thing, so I just announce, “It’s a new month”. Parents know just what to do.

If you prefer a more hands off approach, you can use a payment management service like Music Teacher’s Helper, or set up a subscription payment though PayPal. The PayPal service will bill your students each month/quarter. If you like the flat monthly fee approach, PayPal might be the way to go.

Cancelled Lessons
I adopted the following cancelled lesson policy many years ago, and I find it to be beneficial to me and my students. Parents tend to be more committed, students practice more consistently, and my income is consistent from month to month.

“Your payment reserves your lesson time. It is yours to use, or not use, as you wish. Cancellations for reasons such as activities, colds and doctor/dentist appointments are generally not made up. Exceptions include family hospital related emergencies and family crisis. If two lesson times are missed in a single month a make-up lesson may be requested. Summer lessons may be cancelled at anytime, and payment will be credited to the next month.”

Let parents know what they will be getting for their investment with you. It could be as simple as, “Students may participate in an annual Christmas recital.”

Music Books
I also let them know that they are responsible for lesson materials. You might say something like, “Music books will be recommended from time to time. Parents are responsible for the cost of these materials.”




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