How to Plan a Great Music Recital: 10 Steps to Success

New to music recital planning, and need a hand making it successful. Here are a few tips to make your recital great!

1) Decide on a Date. Choose a date, time and location for your recital.

2) Contact Possible Venues. Excellent locations include senior centers, or student’s homes. Make sure to book it with plenty of time for your student to prepare. Approximately 6-8 weeks of time should work well.

3) Find out Who’s Interested. Ask students if they would like to perform in your upcoming recital. Provide parents with the date, time and location.

4) Select Music. Two pieces for each student is perfect.  Each student will be provided with an opportunity to perform sufficently, without making the recital too long.

5) Practice.

6) Create a Map. Give parents/students a map to the location one week before the recital. Ask students to arrive 15 minutes before the recital begins. Also include information about how they should dress.

7) Confirm the location. Contact your location to confirm the date and time about one week before the recital.

8) Arrive early. Plan to arrive about 30 minutes before the students arrive to arrange the performance area and set up the cookie/punch table.

9) Welcome/Introduce. Welcome parents and students, and then jump in. You can announce the pieces yourself, or have stduents do it. If they do it, encourage them to share something about their piece (Composer, period of work, etc.).

10) Thank Parents. It a special priveledge to teach children. Let the parents know that you appreciate it. Then invite them to enjoy the refreshments that you provided. Visit with as many parents that you can, providing words of encouragement about their child’s performance/development.

I wish you the best for your next recital!



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