10 Piano Pieces You Can Play Upside Down | Free Sheet Music

Every once in a while I recall that moment from the  Amadeus movie that came out in 1984, when he performed laying on his back for folks at the local tavern. Sometimes for the amusement of my students I will play a song for them as he did. Always a hit!

Here’s a list of songs that should be easy enough to play upside down for the amusement of your friends and family. We begin with a piece by Mozart himself.

Download and Print Free Easy Piano Sheet Music

1) Marriage of Figaro for Piano Solo by Mozart

2) Musette in D for Piano Solo by Bach

3) Bingo for Piano Solo | Traditional

4) Do Your Ears Hang Low? for Piano Solo | Traditional

5) The Farmer in the Dell for Piano Solo | Traditional

6) Hot Cross Buns for Piano Solo | Traditional

7) Little Green Frog (Galumph) for Piano Solo | Traditional

8) Mexican Hat Dance for Piano Solo | Traditional

9) Skip to My Lou for Piano Solo | American Frontier Song

10) Sweetly Sings the Donkey for Piano Solo | Traditional



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