Practice! Practice! Practice! | Building a Successful Music Student

My wife and I have seen our fair share of dog training reality TV shows. Often what needs to be done is not so much training the dog, but training the owners. The same is true of kids and practicing. If parents are really interested in providing a positive musical experience for their kids, most often they will need to adjust what they do.

Here’s a few suggestions to get parents headed down the right road:

Schedule Practice Time: If kids know that they will be practicing everyday at the same time, they will tend to consider it something they just do. If you already expect your kids to finish their homework before dinner, ask them to practice before dinner too – even if it’s only 15 minutes a day.

Practice with Them: Kids want to spend time with their parents. This time could provide those memories that they will cherish the most.

Find Great Music: Nothing transforms a child’s interest in practicing like great music. Invest some time in finding out what interests them, and then get those pieces.


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