5 Tips for Teaching the Young Pianist (Age 3-6)

Most school teachers are faced with teaching only one grade level. As a piano teacher you must develop strategies for teaching students as young as three years of age.

This post will address the challenge of teaching students ages 3-6 years of age.

1) Lessons Length – Determine a lesson length that your student can manage. It might be as little as 15 minutes per week. Consider spending half of the time at the piano, and the other half at the kitchen table learning note names and rhythmic values.

2) Questions – When you ask a question, give them time to answer. This really just good teaching. With this age group you will really have to be patient. It might take young students a while to come up with an answer.

3) Keep Instructions Short – Throughout the lesson, instructors should set achievable goals with very few words, and then attempt them quickly. Lost time will result in distractions and loss of focus.

4) Movement – Young students need to move. Be creative with your approach, giving them opportunities to learn through movement. Example: Ask them what a whole note is, and then let them show you by placing four blocks together on the floor to represent four beats.

5) Encourage – Each and every time a student meets your goal, congratulate them. Your goal should always be to build up the child and create in them a love for learning.




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