Franz Joseph Haydn (Music Composer) | Free Famous Composer Coloring Page

Learn about one of the greatest composers of all time – Franz Joseph Haydn! Print this free coloring page, grab the crayons, and start the CD. Giving students an activity like this keeps them interested while allowing you to introduce the classics.

Download and Print Free Famous Composer Coloring Page

Franz Joseph Haydn | Free Coloring Page


Interested in learning more about Franz Joseph Haydn? Here are a few great resources for the elementary or jr. high musician:

Franz Joseph Haydn | Biography (
Franz Joseph Haydn | Biography (

Free Music Lesson Worksheets

“Surprise” Symphony | Listening Map
Franz Joseph Haydn | Word Search Worksheet
“Meet the Composer” Job Application | Worksheet

Free Music Lesson Plans

Haydn Surprise Symphony Listening and Activity Lesson Plan | Grade 3-4
Homeschool Music Lesson Plans for Franz Joseph Haydn




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