Piano Lesson Game | Poke-the-Key Game for Piano Key Identification

I like to end music lessons with a game/activity. One that I use often is a game that I made up many years ago. The basic goal of the activity is to get students to name the keys on the piano keyboard accurately and quickly.


1) Tell students, “We are going to play a game. The first one to ten points wins.”

2) Tell students, “I will call out an alphabet letter. As quickly as you can, play the correct key. I will count to two, and then play the correct key. If you beat me, you get the point. If you play the wrong key, or I beat you, I get the point.”

3) Begin the game, tallying the score as you go. First one to 10 points wins the game.

You can also try a variation on this game by point to notes on the printed page if you would like to make note naming your goal. If you go this route, I find it helpful to limit the number of notes used during game play for younger students.


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