The Benefits of Music Lesson Lab Time

July 8, 2012

Do you include music lab time with your students each week? Weather you set up a lab with computers, software, apps, headphones, keyboards, worksheets and a dedicated area, or just informally include “lab time at the end of student lessons, the time spent is well worth it.

The benefits of lab time include:

  • Opportunity to drill note names of new notes introduced during the lesson (or ones that aren’t quite learned)
  • Opportunity to introduce intervals and chord building
  • Opportunity to explain key signatures
  • Opportunity to quiz music terms
  • Opportunity of ear training
  • Composing

Whatever your purpose, it’s focused time to drill the things that need to be introduced, or just need a little extra attention.

If you’re interested in a little extra income, you might consider a “music camp” for your students. One or two weeks a year that focus on music lab related topics, including music theory, music composers, ear training and music composition.


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