The Ultimate Music Lesson Lab Resource Guide | Free Online Resources

Whether you set up a music lesson lab with computers, software, apps, headphones, keyboards, worksheets and a dedicated area, or just informally include “lab time” at the end of student lessons, this post may prove to be a useful guide to many of the best, and most popular free resources on the web. If you have another suggestion please share with everyone by adding a comment below.

Keyboard Key Identification
Drill keyboard key identification skill with the resources found at these links.

Keyboard Note Identification

Music Notation
Learn the basics of music notation with the following online resources.

The Staff, Clefs, and Ledger Lines | Online Lesson

Note Naming
Drill notes with the following collection of free printable worksheets and interactive online resources/games.

Name That Tune! Note Name Worksheet
Color-by-Note | Treble Clef Note Names Music Theory Worksheet Pack
CodeBreaker! Note Name Worksheets
Let’s Crossword! Note Name Worksheet
Eek! Shark! Note Name Arcade Game
Treble Clef Flash Cards
Bass Clef Flash Cards
Viola Clef Flash Cards
Treble Clef Concentration Game
Bass Clef Concentration Game
Viola Clef Concentration Game
Note Name Game
Mighty Music Man 1
Mighty Music Man 2
Space Invaders Note Names

Learn and drill musical intervals with this collection of worksheets and interactive online resources.

Ready, Set, Go! | Interval Worksheet
Intervals | Interactive Lesson

Drill rhythm identification skills with the following free printable worksheets and interactive online games.

It All Adds Up! | Rhythm Worksheets
Music Press Distress | Rhythm Arcade Game
Let’s Play Store | Printable Rhythm Game
Note Duration | Online Lesson
Rest Duration | Online Lesson
Dots and Ties | Online Lesson

Key Signatures
Learn and drill key signatures with the following online lessons/flashcards.

Key Signatures | Online Lesson
Virtual Flash Cards

Learn how to build chords with the following online music theory lessons.

Introduction to Chords | Online Lesson
Triad Inversion | Online Lesson
Seventh Chords | Online Lesson

Introduce your students to the great composers with the following printable worksheets and free coloring pages.

Great Composer Word Search Worksheets
Great Composer Multiplication-Connect-the-Dot Worksheets
Great Composer Coloring Pages
“Meet the Composer” Scavenger Hunt Worksheet
“Meet the Composer” Job Application

Introduce your students to the instruments of the orchestra with the following printable worksheets.

“Meet the Orchestra” Scavenger Hunt Worksheet | Woodwinds
“Meet the Orchestra” Scavenger Hunt Worksheet | Brass
“Meet the Orchestra” Scavenger Hunt Worksheet | Strings
“Meet the Orchestra” Scavenger Hunt Worksheet | Percussion

Try writing your own music with this interactive online composing resource.

Compose You Own Music | Online

Music Terms
Look up music terms with this musical dictionary. Illustrated Music Dictionary for Kids
Classics for Kids Music Dictionary

Online Music Lessons
Get tips on basic piano performance techniques, or how to play you favorite songs.




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