Orchestral Instrument Families Lesson and Printable Resources

Piano lab is a great place to learn about piano lesson specific needs, such as note names, rhythms, and intervals. But why not extend things once in a while to enrich your student music lesson experience. Include a lesson on the instruments of the orchestra.

If you’re not a big advocate of lab time, here are a few things to consider.

  • Visual learners like doing things such as completing worksheets, drawing pictures, or browsing websites.
  • Auditory learners listen to enhance their understanding. If they hear their piece performed correctly, for example, they stand a much better chance of playing it well.
  • Kinesthetic learners learn most everything by doing. They build it, disassemble it, and play it to understand.

and don’t forget the growth potential in thinking skills….

  • Bloom’s taxonomy outlines the areas of thinking skills from low-level thinking skills, such as remembering and understanding, through higher order thinking skills, such as evaluating and creating.

Lab time can take a student to every one of these learning domains, and provide them with an opportunity for lifelong success beyond anything you might imagine. All you have to do it provide the opportunity.
Convinced that lab time is a good thing?

Here’s a list of excellent online and printable resources:

Online Info
SFSKids.com – San Francisco Symphony Orchestra Website: 1) Instruments of the Orchestra, 2) Music Lab, and 3) What’s Up at the Orchestra?
NyPhilKids.org/ – New York Philharmonic Kidzone 1) Instrument Storage Room, and 2) Instrument Lab.

Printable Info
Hey Kids, It’s a Flute
Hey Kids, It’s an Oboe
Hey Kids, It’s a Clarinet
Hey Kids, It’s a Bassoon
Hey, Kids, It’s a Trumpet
Hey Kid’s, It’s a French Horn
Hey Kids, It’s a Trombone
Hey Kids, It’s a Tuba
Hey Kids, It’s a Violin
Hey Kids, It’s a Viola
Hey Kids, It’s a Cello
Hey Kids It’s a String Bass
Hey Kids, It’s a Harp

Free Printable Worksheets
Woodwind Family | Worksheet
Brass Family | Worksheet
String Family | Worksheet
Percussion Family | Worksheet

Printable Game
Zin, Zin, Zin A Violin | Musical Instrument Identification Game


Browse Piano Sheet Music and Music Theory Posts:

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