5 Ways to Encourage Student Composition

Interested in encouraging your piano students to try composing a piece of music? Here are a few ideas that might get the ball rolling.

Ask Students to Write a Piece for the Recital
A chance to share a composition at the next music recital could be a terrific motivator for students to compose a piece of music. Just put the idea out there and see if anyone is interested.

Ask Them To Contact a Living Composer
Is there a piece that your students absolutely love. Ask them to contact the composer and tell them how much they enjoy it. Encourage them to include their latest masterpiece in the letter or email.

Host a Composition Only Recital
When I was growing up, my mom hosted a weekly music recital in our home. The kids in the neighborhood could come over, play a song, and get a treat. It was really more about the treats for them, but the treats were enough to get them to participate in a positive activity. Why not try this with a composition theme?

Write Music for a Children’s Book
Music classroom teachers encourage students to create music for stories all the time – so why not piano lesson teachers? Let them choose the book, and give them a few ideas on where the music might go, and how it would enhance the story.

Give Students a Head Start
Some students just need a head start when considering writing a composition for the piano. I like to provide them with a “recipe” for success. Cookies and compositions are sort of the same… both of them have a set of ingredients. If you provide them with the ingredients they may have an easier time creating.


“Hot Cross Buns” List of Ingredients
Quarter Notes
Half Notes
Whole Notes
8 Measures Long
Two Chords
Three two measure phrases that are exactly the same
One two measure phrase is different.

Mix these ingredients up in a different way, and write it down. Practice. Perform for teacher.

Download Composing with Kids | Five Recipes for Success



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