How to Plan a Successful Music Recital | 10 Tips

How to Plan A Successful Music Recital

Many music teachers have been planning music recitals for years. For those of you just getting started, here are 10 tips to make your next recital a big hit!

1) Select a date, time and location for your recital. Pick a few possible dates, and then ask parents what will work best for them.

2) Contact locations
. It’s a good idea to call a few months in advance, to get the date that you really want. Excellent locations include senior centers/facilities, churches or student’s homes. Make sure to provide approximately 6-8 weeks of time for your students to practice their music.

3) Choose the music
. Select one or two pieces of music that will provide a good challenge for them over the next 6-8 weeks. Getting students involved with this process will encourage them to practice more, because they will enjoy the music they are playing.

Free Sheet Music Websites

4) Start Practicing

5) Provide a map
. Include the date, time and recommended dress. Ask students to arrive about 15 minutes before the recital begins.

6) Reconnect with your recital location. Contact your location to let them know that the kids are excited about performing, and confirm the date.

7) Arrive early.
An early arrival will give you a chance to set up a snack table and arrange the performance space. Forty-five minutes is recommended. Teachers often like to either allow students to sit with their parents, or sit in a separate group with the other students in the order that they will perform. This should also be managed during this time.

8) Welcome and student introductions
. Welcome everyone, and then jump right in. You may like to have students announce their pieces and include some information about the composer. Just watch the time. Parents enjoy recitals that don’t run more than an hour.

9) Thank the parents for the privilege of teaching their children
. Invite them to enjoy the punch and cookies that you have provided. Visit with as many parents as you are able, providing supportive words of encouragement about their child’s performance.

10) Give Award Certificates. Give music certificates to the students who participated.

Free Award Certificates
Free Printable General Music Award Certificates |
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Music Award Certificates –




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