MMF! All-In-One Piano Primer Book | Free Sheet Music eBook

October 26, 2013

The MMF! All-In-One Piano Primer Book is a graded edition for young piano students. It is designed to accelerate the learning progress by introducing students to a very limited collection of musical elements, allowing them to really learn the element well before moving on.

Download MMF! Piano Primer Book

Right Hand Focus – The primer begins with a piece that introduces only one note in the right hand, and expands from there. By doing so, students will be confident in their abilities every step of the way.

Limited Left Hand Chords – About half way through the book, when students have mastered the notes of the right hand, the All-in-One Primer introduces limited chord combinations in the right hand, and continues drilling for success.

Limited Dynamics – The dynamic symbols that are introduced are limited to just two – mp and mf.

Limited Rhythms – With rhythm being the most challenging musical element to master for every young student, the primer limits rhythms too. There are only three rhythms and two rests to master (Whole Note, Half Note, Quarter Note, Whole Rest, and Quarter Rest).

This book provides students with a wonderful set of pieces (many based on classic children’s poems), and a great plan for success!


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