Composing with Kids (Children) | Free Piano Lesson eBook

October 28, 2013

Here’s a creative resource for piano teachers who are interested in introducing music composition to their students.


Download Composing with Kids | Five “Recipes for Success

Free Lesson Plans Included:

  • Hot Cross Buns Remix – This lesson provides you with a simple arrangement of Hot Cross Buns, and asks the students to write a variation on this melody.
  • Walk Like an Egyptian – This lesson asks the student to write a piece with the Egyptian Scale. The accompaniment is provided.
  • Surprise Inside – This lesson asks the student to write a melody that saves a note until late in the eight measure melody, offering a refreshing sound.
  • Ostinato, Ostinato, Ostinato – This lesson asks students to write a D Dorian melody over a provided ostinato accompaniment.
  • Ragtime Mix-n-Match – This lesson asks students to select pre-written musical phrases to form an eight measure ragtime melody with accompaniment. The lesson allows students to access which phrases work well together, and which phrases lend themselves to ending material verses interior material.


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