MMF! Piano Primer Book App | iPad App Review

March 4, 2014


Do your kids say stuff like, “How does it go?” or “What’s the name of this note?” The MMF Piano Primer app is an interactive app for the iPad that provides the answers to the questions your kids ask most when they’re practicing piano. Because it provides these answers their time spent is much more productive.

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Right Hand Focus – The MMF! All-in-One Primer begins with only one note in the right hand, and expands from there. By doing so, students will be confident in their abilities every step of the way.

Limited Left Hand Chords – When students are ready, MMF! All-in-One Primer introduces limited chord combinations in the right hand, and continues drilling for success.

Limited Dynamics – Dynamics are limited to just two – mp and mf.

Limited Rhythms – With rhythm being the most challenging musical element to master, MMF! All-in-One Primer limits the number of rhythmical symbols introduced to students. With only three rhythms and two rests to master (Whole Note, Half Note, Quarter Note, Whole Rest, and Quarter Rest) students are assured a successful and rewarding experience.

Useful Interactive Tools – Students get interactive tools that provide them with the answers they need to help them practive effectively, including mp3 recordings of their piece and a note name keyboard chart.

Download MMF Piano Primer on the Apple App Store



I really like this app. At first glace the graphics for this app really stand out. Digging in, features that I have enjoyed when teaching my students include the well written collection of songs that are introduced at just the right speed. The interactive features, including the mp3 recordings of the pieces and the drop down keyboard/note name chart, are where this app really shows its value. Kids get the questions answered that they ask most often, like, “How does it go.” If I were to change anything, it would be to add a moving cursor, so students can see where they are during playback.


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