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Best Social Media Schedulers | Seven Contenders for the Title

Have your started blogging to bring in a few extra dollars each month? The tools listed below will provided you with a number of options to help you to drive significantly more traffic to your site. I hope you’ll find this “out of the ordinary” post helpful.

With Pinterest driving more referral traffic than just about any website on the planet, having the right tools to tap into that traffic is so important. This post will review seven social media schedulers and provide links to the sites for further review.

7 Social Media Schedulers

#1 Buffer – Buffer is a multi-social site management tool for scheduling to Facebook Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Linkedin. Buffer offers an easy-to-understand interface,  and you have the option to publish posts directly, at a specific date/time, or next in the queue. The Awesome Plan is $10 per month, and their Small Plan is $99 per month if you choose annual billing. Analytics are only included with the Small Plan.

#2  Tailwind – Tailwind began as a Pinterest analytics tool, and has since added a pin schedulers. Its Smart Scheduling tool, guided by historical data, helps Pinterest marketers pick the perfect times to pin. There are many stats, but most aren’t useful to the average marketer, however you will find the pin performance stats to be helpful. You can also manage all of your accounts from one dashboard. The Plus Plan is $9.99 per month if you choose the annual plan.

#3 TrafficWonker – TrafficWonker takes social media automation to the highest level. Branded as the Pinterest Pin Scheduler That Learns. If you are looking for a set-and-forget Pinterest pin scheduler, you won’t be disappointed. TrafficWonker was built to save time and eliminate the guesswork in social media scheduling. This scheduler – unlike all the rest – doesn’t ask you to review your stats to figure out what will work best. Expert – TrafficWonker’s fully automated pin scheduling tool does all that for you. It’s a machine learning tool that’s reviewing your stats daily to figure out what times and pins are working best for you. Then it fills your queue based on these stats. Every week you’ll get a brand new queue. When trends change your queue will be filled with the perfect pins to meet the interests of your followers. Also unique to TW is the AutoClear tool. This feature keeps your boards free from duplicate pins. Multiple accounts can be managed from one dashboard. The Starter Plan is $7 a month if billed annually, and the Growing Business Plan is $9 a month if billed annually.

#3 ViralWoot – (Formally PinWoot) Viralwoot offers Pinterest marketing campaign  management and analytics for bloggers and businesses of any size. ViralWoot is one of the biggest players in Pinterest marketing, serving approxmately 72,000 marketers & businesses in 50 countries. Features include bulk scheduling and editing of pins, and Pin Dripping –  recycling top performing pins for increased traffic. Multiple accounts can be managed from one dashboard. The Starter Plan is $10 per month is billed annually.

#4 Meet Edgar – Meet Edgar brands themselves as the self-filling social scheduler. edgar reuses your pre-loaded content to attract more traffic. Everything you add to the Meet Edgar queue is stored in the library. It’s even arrange in categories, like “Music Lessons” “Piano Sheet Music” or “Note Naming” I you want to save even more time, Meet Edgar lets you add content in bulk or hook him up to your blog’s RSS feed. The you create a schedule so Edgar knows when to publish your products from each category. If you run out of posts he’ll just fill in the holes with content from the library. Edgar works with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Get started with MeetEdgar for $49 per month is billed annually or  $79 per month if billed monthly.

#5 – ViralTag
Viraltag (formerly Pingraphy) is a Pinterest management tool for bloggers and small to large businesses. ViralTag is user friendly, intuitive, and provides a reliable service.  Viraltag feel that Pinterest repins are not the truest indicator of conversions. In an effort the provide that indicator they have integrated ViralTag with two analytics platforms – Brand’s Analytics and Google Analytics. The Pinterest pin scheduler tool features a best-times-to-pin tool that is driven by Google Analytics stats. They also have an Evergreen Post tool that recycles pins.ViralTag also lets bloggers and business owners  manage up to five social marketing site accounts within the basic plan, making it value-driven plan if you have five accounts but not as much if you’re only managing one.

#6 CoSchedule – CoSchedule is a social media scheduling for many platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter. Tumblr, and Google + accounts. The best time to pin feature helps members get increased reach social media sites vs. randomly picking times to pin. CoSchedule has recently introduced ReQueue for their Solo Automation Plan. The feature is similar to MeetEdgar’s self-filling scheduler, being a set-and-forget scheduling tool that automatically fills your schedule if it sees any gaps.

#7 BoardBoosterBoardBooster is a Pinterest marketing tool set that uses secret boards as a “queue” and publish pins from your secret boards to your public boards on a schedule that you set. Members of BoardBooster can schedule pins from the Pinterest app or Pinterest website.They also feature a tool that will test all the pins on your Pinterest boards for broken links. Nothing is more frustration to site visitors that to find a great product and not be able to get to it because the link is broken. Even if you don’t use this site on a regular basis it might be worth signing up to use the broken link tool. BoardBooster doesn’t offer monthly or annual plans, but rather charges a penny per pin. So if you schedule 2,000 pins per month you’ll pay $20 each month.

The Winning Social Media Schedulers

Best for Multi-Social Site Scheduling – Buffer

Best for Time Saving/Pinterest – TrafficWonker (Fully Automated/Self-Filling Queue and Auto-Delete Tool)

Best for Time Saving/Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – Meet Edgar (Nearly Fully Automated Queue)

Best for Pinterest Account Management – BoardBooster (Broken Link Tool)

Best for Price – TrafficWonker (Starting at $7 per Month if Billed Annually)