Best Pinterest Schedulers | Five Contenders for the Title

June 7, 2015

This post is for all those piano teachers who have become bloggers/website owners in a effort to pay the bills. The tools listed below will provided you with a number of options in helping to drive traffic to your site. I hope you’ll find this “out of the ordinary” post helpful.

Here it is…

With Pinterest driving more referral traffic than just about any website on the planet, having the right tools to tap into that traffic is so important. This post will review five Pinterest pin schedulers, and link to the website for you to check them out further.

#1 – ViralTag
ViralTag is user friendly, intuitive, and provides a reliable service for $29 a month, and let’s you schedule an unlimited number of pins. If you pin often, this service is a good option. It also allows you to manage up to five Pinterest user accounts for that same price.

#2 – Robovy
I’ve heard good things about Robovy, though when I got into the space it wasn’t quite as impressive a ViralTag. It’s features are simple and good, but not quite up for the title in this match for top pin scheduler.

#3 – ViralWoot (Formally PinWoot)
ViralWoot took a little time to figure out, and then it was easy to use. They also feature a way for you to connect with other pinners, and encourage them to follow you or promote your pins. They do this by offering “seeds” as currency. You can earn the seeds or pay for them. ViralWoot is free as long as you don’t use it very much. After that they offer a variety of plans from $12.

#4 – TailWindApp
Tailwind began as a Pinterest analytics program, and has since added one of the top pin schedulers. It’s pretty dazzling, and works well. You can sign up a free trial. After that there’s a $9.99 monthly fee for each account. The good news is that you can manage all of your accounts within one account.

At this point you would think we would already have had a winner. However contender #5 takes the title.

#5 – Traffic Wonker
Traffic Wonker definitely comes in with the most unique pin schedulers that I’ve ever seen, and by far the tool that will make your blog/website marketing amazingly easy. In the time saving department other pin schedulers don’t even come close. The learning curve for this tool set is a bit steeper than other pinners, but the payoff is well worth it. To help you get acquainted with Traffic Wonker there’s a New Member Guide. The best thing is this tool is completely free – no trial, no credit card, no nothing. Just sign up and start pinning.



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