The Entertainer | Easy Piano Sheet Music – Play and Learn™

Interested in sharing more than just the music with your students? This Play and Learn Edition from teaches students about the life and music of Scott Joplin. It gives you an easy piano sheet music arrangement of Scott Joplin’s The Entertainer, plus a composer biography and two activity worksheets.

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The Entertainer | Sheet Music for Piano – Play and Learn™


This Meet the Composer | Play and Learn™ edition of The Entertainer by Scott Joplin gives kids an opportunity to do more than just practice the notes. Besides the  piano arrangement, you get a composer biography and two activity worksheets. give kids an opportunity to do more than just play the music of the great composers. This series includes a premium graded piano arrangement, our Hey Kids, Meet the Composer biography, and two activity worksheets.

The Entertainer for Easy Piano Solo (2 Pages)
Hey Kid’s, Meet Scott Joplin – Composer Biography
Scott Joplin | Printable Word Search Worksheet
Meet the Composer Job Application – Kids fill this job application out for the composer.  They include all the things they have learned reading the composer biography.

Word Search – The word search is designed to build reading skills. Rather than including the words on the worksheet, students identify keywords in the biography. The words that define the composers life and musical achievements are the words to search for. They  are included on the “About” page if you need them.

Meet the Composer Job Application – Students fill this job application and they paste their picture at the end. It’s a great way to help them remember everything they read inthe biography.