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Ode to Joy | Easy Piano Sheet Music – Play and Learn™ Edition

Interested in teaching your students a bit more than just the music? This digital print edition provides teachers with a two page easy/intermediate arrangement of Ode to Joy, and composer biography written for kids, and worksheets to help your students remember what they read.

Download and Print Ode to Joy for Easy Piano

Ode to Joy | Sheet Music for Piano – Play and Learn™ Edition


Ode to Joy for Intermediate Piano – 2 Pages
Hey Kid’s, Meet Ludwig van Beethoven | Composer Biography
Ludwig van Beethoven | Word Search Worksheet
Meet the Composer Job Application

About the Word Search
The word search worksheet is designed to help build reading skills. The search words are included on the About page of the packet, but not on the worksheet, so students are challenged to search for keywords in the biography. What define the life and work of Beethoven are the words to search out.

About the Meet the Composer Job Application
This worksheet asks students fill out a job application out for the composer. They should include every fact they can find in the composer biography.


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