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We Don’t Care About Bruno | FREE Piano Lesson

Kids are crazy about Disney’s new feature film, Encanto. In particular, “We Don’t Care About Bruno” is the song they seem to love the most. With American actor, singer-songwriter, playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda as the composer of this song, it’s no wonder why. He’s already produced incredible scores for the smash Broadway hit, Hamilton, and In the Heights, and his list of awards is long – including three Tony Awards and three Grammy Awards.

FREE We Don’t Care About Bruno Piano Lesson

This piano lesson from and will make learning to play “We Don’t Care About Bruno” easy. Try each part after it’s demonstrated. Come back to practice with this lesson every day to get the most out of it. Remember to practice slowly and you’ll do great!

If you’d like to print the sheet music to practice after the lesson here’s the link:

We Don’t Care About Bruno | Easy Piano Sheet Music

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