How to Make Money with your Music Studio Website

14 Top Music Affiliate Programs for 2022

Launching a blog, finding affiliate programs, sharing your links, and watching the money roll in, isn’t enough to make your efforts worthwhile. You need quality affiliate products that people want and those products need affiliate programs behind them that offer generous commissions that make it all worthwhile.

Below is a collection of affiliate programs that provide exceptional commissions and tons of appeal for your audience. The programs are ranked in order of highest to lowest commission payout.

1. Singorama – Learn to Be a Better Singer

Singorama helps singers to be better singers using techniques that accelerate learning.

Commission Rate: 40% – 70% Per Sale

Cookie Duration: 60 Days

Join Singorama Affiliate Program

2. MasterClass – Video Lesson Classes from Master Teachers

MasterClass is a streaming platform that helps students connect with the world’s leaders in their field. Classes are taught by comedian Steve Martin, master chef Gordon Ramsay, drummer Ringo Starr, and movie score composer Danny Elfman.

Commission Rate: 25% Per Sale

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Join Masterclass Affiliate Program

3. MakingMusicFun – Elementary Music Education Products provides fun and affordable sheet music, music lesson plans, and music theory worksheets for teachers, students and music enthusiasts. The affiliate partner program focuses on their MMF Piano Academy and MMF Print (Print Resources Bundle). Both products offer residual income.

Commission Rate: 25% Per Sale

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Join MakingMusicFun Affiliate Program

4. EKSA – Gaming Headsets

EKSA makes gaming headsets for people that want the ultimate gaming experience. Their headsets combine cutting-edge ENC tech, the latest in Bluetooth surround sound, dual mics, and ultra-low latency.

Commission Rate: 8% – 24% Per Sale

Cookie Duration: 45 Days

Join EKSA Affiliate Program

5. Duet – Music Teacher Business Management Tools

Duet is a music studio management tool. It began as Music Teacher Helper. Features include tracking students, manage payments, and automating invoices.

Commission Rate: 20% Per Sale

Cookie Duration: Unknown

Join Duet Affiliate Program

6. Maestro Classics – Music Appreciation CDs

Maestro Classics strives to help teachers, parents and kids develop listening skills with joyful recorded performances. Their CDs teach kids about composers, the orchestra and classical music.

Commission Rate: 20% Per Sale

Cookie Duration: Unknown

Join the Maestro Classics Affiliate Program

7. PlayGround Sessions – App-Based Piano Lessons

Playground Sessions is a music-learning technology company headquartered in New York City, that focuses on teaching people how to play the piano. The company develops an at-home piano learning application that combines interactive expert videos with learning science and artificial intelligence. Contact them for more information.

Commission Rate: 5-22% Per Sale

Cookie Duration: 90 Days

Join Playground Sessions Affiliate Program

8. Guitar Tricks – Online Guitar Lessons

Guitar Tricks online lesson program includes more than 11,000 online guitar lessons presented through 4K multi-camera videos with over 2.8 million registered users. To further entice potential customers, Guitar Tricks let’s people know there is no risk in signing up by offering a 60-day money back guarantee.

Commission Rate: $25-$30 Per Sale

Cookie Duration: 5 Years

Join Guitar Tricks Affiliate Program

9. PadMate – Wireless Earbuds

PaMu earbuds are recommended by NBA stars and 100,000+ backers. A low-cost alternative to Apple’s AirPods Pro earphones.

Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale

Cookie Duration: 180 Days

Join PadMate Affiliate Program

10. StubHub – Ticket Exchange

StubHub is a ticket exchange and ticket resale company. The service provides tickets for sports events, music concerts, theater and more. StubHub is the largest ticket marketplace in the world.

Commission Rate: 9% Per Sale

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Join StubHub Affiliate Program

11. Soundtrap by Spotify® – Online Audio Software

Soundtrap by Spotify®, is a cloud-based audio recording platform by Spotify. The service lets you make music wherever you are and collaborate with anyone, from anywhere, in real time. It helps creators do what they do best – create – with a user-friendly combination of software instruments, real instruments, and audio recording.

Commission Rate: $30 Per Sale

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Join Soundtrap by Spotify® Affiliate Program

12. Sam Ash – National Music Store Chain

Sam Ash Musical Instruments & Sound Equipment. Music Family Owned Since 1924. The store buys and sells guitars, drums, speakers, microphones, recording equipment, band & orchestra instruments and music books.

Commission Rate: 7% – 10% Per Sale

Cookie Duration: 60 Days

Join Sam Ash Affiliate Program

13. Apple Services Performance Partners

The Apple affiliate program, now called the Performance Partners Program, provides a unique way for your website or app to link to Apple Services content and to earn commissions on qualifying Apple Music memberships as well as sales of movies, tv shows, books, audiobooks and more.

Commission Rate: 7% Per Sale

Cookie Duration: 24 Hours

Join Apple Services Performance Partners Program

14. zZounds – Online Music Product Merchant

You don’t need to compromise when you shop at zZounds. zZounds provides the best service in the musical instrument and musical equipment business.

Commission Rate: 6% Per Sale

Cookie Duration: 45 Days

Join zZounds Affiliate Program

If you don’t an affiliate program on this list that you feel deserves to be here, please let us know. We would be glad to add it.


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