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Fly Me to the Moon – Easy Piano Sheet Music

“Fly Me to the Moon”, was written in 1954 by composer and pianist, Bart Howard (1915-2004). American actress, comedian, and singer, Kaye Ballard (1925-2019) was the first to record his song. The most successful version is Frank Sinatra’s for his 1964 album “It Might as Well Be Swing,” which is closely associated with the Apollo Moon missions. In 1999, the Songwriters Hall of Fame honored Bart Howard by inducting this song.

Bart Howard accompanied cabaret singers on the piano as his regular job, but also enjoyed writing songs. Cole Porter was his idol, so many of his songs were written with his song writing style in mind. In response to a publisher, Howard wrote a cabaret ballad called “In Other Words.” The publisher suggested that he change the lyric from “fly me to the moon” to “take me to the moon,” but Howard decided to stick with his first idea.

Using his position as pianist and presenter at the Blue Angel cabaret, Howard promoted his song with notable singers like Felicia Sanders. However it was the arrangement by Quincy Jones that changed the meter from 3/4 to 4/4 and Frank Sinatra’s 1964 recording with the Count Basie Orchestra that made “Fly Me to the Moon” a song known around the world.

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Fly Me to the Moon – Easy Piano Sheet Music


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