It’s teacher appreciation week! That’s right teachers and students – May 2nd through May 6th is all about thanking teachers for all they do.

In 1984 the National PTA established the first week in May as the week to honor teachers – the people who devote their time, passion and skills to educating our children.

Wondering how you can thank them? Here are a few ideas…

1) Give your teacher an award certificate. (Print free certificate below.)
2) Bake cookies. Wrap them nicely in clear cellophane and include a ribbon and a note.
3) Make a Report Card and give them all “A’s”.
4) Give them a gift card for ice cream or their favorite restaurant.
5) Give them a framed photo of both of you.
6) Nominate them for a teacher of the year award, and let them know that you did.
7) Practice. You might not think this a good one, but it one of the best things you can do to make your teacher happy and feel valued.

Print your Music Teacher Award Certificate

Music Teacher Award Certificatemusic-teacher-certificate


Praise your band, orchestra, general music, or private music students with these professionally designed blank all-purpose achievement award certificates from


10 General Music Award Certificates

These blank music award certifiicates can be used as incentives to get your music student practicing, or just to say “Well Done”.  

Private Music Teachers
Private music teachers can reward their students for scale memorization, assignment completion, participating in a recital, or for overall accomplishment.

Band, Orchestra and Choir Teachers
Band and orchestra teachers can reward their students for attendance, class participation, participating in a solo and ensemble festival, turning in their practice records, or for overall accomplishment.

General Music Teachers
General music teachers can reward their students for class participation, participating in a variety show, or for overall acomplishment. 


10 Oliver the Octopus Music Award Certificates

Oliver the Octopus music award certificates are great for young musicians, featuring fun and colorful cartoon characters.

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