Music for Little Mozart’s | iPad App Review

Looking for an app to drill basic theory skills? Music for Little Mozart’s iPad app from Alfred Music is a great pick for beginning students.



The app provides drill and practice activities for:

  • Distinguishing between High and Low Sounds
  • Melodic Direction (Up or Down)
  • Rhythmic Identification (Simple Rhythms)
  • Notes Naming Skill Development

Other notable features for this app include a point system rewards students for correct answers, and cute watercolor animals that are sure to be a hit with kids. It would be nice to see app developed that meet the growing needs of students as they progress through the Alfred series piano books.

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Music for Little Mozart’s App


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Treble Clef Kids | iPad App Review

Looking for a fun way to drill note names and keyboard key names? Treble Clef kids has been a go-to solution for my students, and may be just what the doctor ordered for you and your students.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 9.39.18 AM

Music iPad App Review

While the graphics fall a bit short, the value of the drill and practice activities are worth the price of the app. The cheering and the funny sounds for wrong answers add an element of fun. It would also be nice to see a scoring system added to engage the kids a bit more.

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Treble Clef Kids | iPad App


iPad’s in Music Education: An Exciting New Tool

I have been trying iPad apps out with my music students recently. It’s sometimes a challenge to find a good app, though when you do the rewards are great!

Here’s why an iPad is worth the investment:

Inexpensive Apps – After the initial expense of the iPad, you can download many apps for just a few dollars. Sometimes FREE!

Tax Deductible –  That right! It’s a business tool, so it’s a tax deduction.

Video Recording – A quick recording of a student performance can provide useful and immediate feedback.

Incentive – Students that know that the will be rewarded at the end of the lesson with an iPad Music Theory game may tend to work harder during their lesson.