7 Ways Teachers Can Increase Their Income

Teaching is satisfying in so many ways, but teacher salaries can be challenging at times. If you’re up for doing something about it, here’s a list of ideas.

1) Sell Your Teaching Materials

TeachersPayTeachers.com is the largest marketplace for selling teacher created digital print lesson plans and resources. If you’ve got a few lesson plans that you think would be a hit with other teachers, you should create an account.

If you’re interested in selling on Teachers Pay Teachers, Pinterest will soon become you best friend. The traffic to Pinterest is amazing and the people visiting this site have more of a shopping mindset that any other social media site. Below are tools and resources that will be helpful.

TrafficWonker makes marketing easy by automating just about every aspect of Pinterest marketing. It’s also one of the most affordable Pinterest Marketing tools.

RecurPost makes Facebook marketing simple by allowing you to schedule your post once and recycle it for as long as you want. You can queue up to 100 posts with their FREE account.

The following 10-page book will help guide Pinterest marketing newbies to make the most of the site – and get it working well in just 21 days. Thie book is FREE!

Pinterest Marketing :: 21-Day Plan for Marketing Campaign Automation

2) Teach Online Courses

Teachable.com is one of the top sites for marketing online courses. With Teachable.com you can easily build a beautiful course website, share your knowledge, and be rewarded for it. I personally know a teacher who put together a video course and launched it to Teachable.com. In the first few days, she made over $2,000. Wow!

3) Tutor Online

Tutor.com provides online tutoring – and you can be one of their tutors. You can also do it the old-fashioned way – in person.

4) Write an eBook

Writing a book certainly isn’t a quick process, but it can be rewarding. Just research which topics seem most successful and start writing. It is also important to start building a list of people who may be interested in your book once it’s published.

5) Become a Grader or Test Scorer

If you don’t mind increasing the mind-numbing number of hours you spend grading papers, you might consider offering your services to other teachers or school districts. To find out about and apply for jobs like these, you can visit the job board on HigherEdJobs.com.

6) Writer/Proofreading

If your grammar skills are strong and you like writing and/or proofreading, you can offer your services on UpWork.com. I use this site often to find talented people.

7) Taxes

Just being better informed about what you can deduct can save you tons of money at tax time every year. The following article can help you identify a few ways you could be saving. Of course, consulting your accountant should always be the final word on these types of things.

10 Tax Saving Tips for Private Music Teachers






Make More, Teach Less | A Comprehensive Guide to Running a Music Camp or Workshop Review

A fellow teacher in the area where I live has been busy at work on a new resource for music teachers, and I expressed an interest in sharing it. If you’re a piano teacher or general music teacher, this new resource might be just what you’re looking for to help keep income flowing in over the summer months.

Make More, Teach Less | A Comprehensive Guide to Running a Music Camp or Workshop – Review
Piano teacher, Jennifer Foxx, consistently has great things to share, so I didn’t have to think twice about sharing her new resource with you. Make More, Teach Less exceeded my expectations in it’s completeness and usefulness. Her guide is presented as a video series which is divided into 9 modules including:

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Logistics
Module 3: Structure
Module 4: Ground Rules and Policies
Module 5: Fees, Licensing & Liability
Module 6: Marketing
Module 7: Lesson Plan Tips
Module 8: Do’s and Don’ts
Module 9: Conclusion


The video series also offers a premium upgrade. If you decide on the upgraded package you’ll also get things like:

1) A 13 Page Printable Workbook
2) Lesson Plan Templates
3) 20 Popular Games & Activities

If you’re an elementary general music teacher you’ll be well prepared with the basic package. If running a music camp is new to you the 20 Popular Games & Activities alone is worth the price of the upgrade. It’s the ingredient that will make the experience come alive for the kids, including relay races, game show style games, circle games with a musical twist, water play, etc.

Interested in starting a music camp or workshop of your own, but would like to avoid expensive mistakes and wasted time? Jennifer shares her 20 years of experience in this wonderful new resource.


Take a Video Tour

Make More, Teach Less Video Tour of Jennifer’s new resource


Purchase Music Camp Guide

Make More, Teach Less | A Comprehensive Guide to Running a Music Camp or Workshop – 49/Basic Package (Affiliate Link)

Here’s a Coupon Code to save 15%: CAMPLAUNCHPARTY
It’s good though Monday, Feb 15th, 2016.


How to Promote Your Music Studio Website

Many piano teachers probably own a music studio website. If you don’t, it’s a great thing to start building for the new year. Many people think that just putting up a website is all they need to do. The fact is, there are more than 180 million websites out there, and you need to do everything you can to get noticed these days.

The following are a few suggestions to help you make the most of your music studio website:
Write Articles for Your Site – Google outwardly states that they favor sites that are large and well established. If they favor your site, it will be seen more often in the search engine results. If you only have 5 pages, add 5 more with unique and interesting articles. The bigger the better.

Write Articles for Other Sites – The goal here is to build incoming links to your website, and establish you as an expert in your field. One of the biggest websites to write for is Squidoo.com. Consider writing a 400+ word article, and find a place to add a link or two back to your website. Not only will you be driving traffic to your site, but a link from this site will be like getting a big “vote” for you site because they are such a large and well established site. The other big plus for writing for Squidoo.com is that they share 50% of the profits from the ads and affiliate links within your articles. You won’t get rich, but you may add an extra $10-20 per month in passive income to your budget.

Pinterest – Do you have a bunch of snazzy photos/images on you site that are worth sharing? Pin them to a board on Pinterest.com. The links will be valuable in terms of Search Engine Optimization, and will drive more traffic to your site.

Teacher Directory Profiles – Many teachers find students through teacher directory profiles on websites like GetLessonsNow.com and PrivateLessons.com. Both of these websites allow you to link back to your website. MakingMusicFun.net goes the extra mile, and allows you to include valuable keywords within your link that will greatly enhance your presence on the web. (Easy to understand examples are provided.)

I hope you find many wonderful students as a result of your efforts!



How to Increase the Success of Your Music Teacher Directory Profiles

How to Increase Student Contacts
It’s hard to say what parents are looking for all the time. But here are a few basic rules for success:

1) Include a Picture – It helps people warm up to you ever so much.

2) Share the Benefits – Student/parents want to know what the benefits are to them. Include stuff that you’ve accomplished, but spend most of the time telling them how you will meet their needs.

3) Include a Link – Include a link to your website or a YouTube video so potential students/parents can get to know you a little better… or see you in action!

4) List Instruments – List all the instruments that you feel comfortable teaching. Many directories limit the number of instruments that you can included for on-site search. Adding all of them in your profile will still help those folks searching for with a search engine.

5) List All Surrounding Cites – Adding all surrounding cities to your profile will again still help those folks searching for with a search engine.





Free Website Templates for your Music Studio Website

Need an inexpensive way to put up a website for music music lesson studio? Here are a few free website templates that are attractive, and incredibly helpful in making the most of your new website. These free website templates offer:

1) Awesome tips on where to put text so that your visitors will be most likely to see it
2) Tips on identifying keywords that will help draw visitors through online search
3) Completely editable themes with Adobe Illustrator (Get a free 30 day trial on the Adobe website).

How to Build Your First Website with a Free Website Template
Check out this easy-to-understand tutorial that will help you build a simple and useful website from a generic free website template.

Download Free Website Templates


Download Free Website Templates


Download Free Website Templates


Download Free Website Templates (Click Link)


Download Free Website Templates (Click Link)


Download Free Website Templates (Click Link)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Website Templates
The internet has become a place where people with no website development experience can come and set up a website for themselves with relative ease. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages for using these predesigned free website templates.


  • Free website templates are just that – FREE! They offer you the opportunity to save hundreds on the design of your website.
  • You get to see what your design will look like the moment you see the template. This same advantage is not offered to you when you hire a designer. While many designers are competent, some are not, and the results will sometimes be far less than satisfactory.


  • The first and most obvious disadvantage is that the very same free website template may be being used somewhere else. If you do choose to use a free website template, spend a little time customizing the theme you have chosen. Using your own pictures is a great start toward making it you own. (Note: The website templates linked to above are in Adobe Illustrator files, which allows you to completely change the color of the design.)
  • You will not receive website designer support in the customization and launching of your website. You need not limit yourself, however. Save hundreds by downloading your favorite template. Then take it to a designer with your ideas for customization. They’ll know just what to do.
  • Templates don’t offer interior pages designs. This is often the case, though it is not true of the designs offered above. Just click to download one of the free templates and check them out.


Music Teacher Directories | Review/Comparison

Interested in finding new music students? The following online directories represent value-driven ways to find that next great student. Each will be reviewed and ranked on a 1-5 scale (5 represents best value).

PrivateLessons.com – 5
Perhaps the oldest music teacher directory, PrivateLessons.com attracts 300,000+ visitors each month. Teacher profiles allow you to provide a “snapshot” of your information, and then click links to see additional details.

Subscription Fee: $99.95 per year

GetLessonsNow.com – 4
Launched in 2006, this music teacher directory is one of the largest and most useful online resources for music teachers. GetLessonsNow.com lets you to link to your own studio website or YouTube videos as well as letting potential music students contact you by telephone. This choice doesn’t always help them, because teachers don’t know where the referral came from, and therefore don’t appreciate the value of this service at times. It is, however, a wonderfully appreciated advantage for teachers.

Subscription Fee: $49.95 per year subscription fee – Also supported by ads

Craigslist.org – 5
Craigslist, a classified listing service,  has proven to be a terrific resource for letting prospective students know that you have a few openings. Almost every ad that I place it worth the investment of my time.

Subscription Fee: Select Paid Ads

LessonMaestro.com – 3
Launched in 2009, this music teacher directory offers visitors the ability to search for teachers in USA and Canada. Actually traffic is not known, though the alexa ranking and the age of this website indicate that traffic to the website is still fairly low. At the date of this post they are offering a one year trail membership. In the future memberships will cost 39.00 per year. They do seem like they are a web-based service to keep your eye on.

Subscription Fee: Free Trial/39.00 per year subscription fee

I hope you find some fantastic new music students!