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Scale Sleuth™ | Musical Scales Workbook for Kids

Scale are an important part of music lessons. Unfortunately, most music teachers do little more than drill scales and drive kids crazy.

The Scale Sleuth™ | Musical Scales: Breaking the Code (Workbook) from provides music students with “light bulb” moments – helping kids to understand why the study of scales is important, why composers use so many different scales, and how they can build them themselves – by breaking the secret code.

Get Scale Sleuth™ | Musical Scales: Breaking the Code (Workbook)


The Scale Sleuth workbook includes:
• Introduction
• Worksheet 1: Major Scales
• Worksheet 2: Minor Scales
• Worksheet 3: Egyptian, Octatonic, Blues, Whole Tone and Pentatonic Scales
• Quiz
• Answer Key

Worksheet 1: Major Scales introduces students to the major scale. It shows them the whole and half step pattern for the major scale, providing examples, and then gives students a chance to practice writing a few major scales themselves.


The worksheet concludes with a “Scales in Action” example showing students that the melody for Joy to the World begins with a complete descending major scale.


Scale Sleuth™ | Musical Scales: Breaking the Code takes the “boring out of scale study, and  is a great addition to piano teacher libraries!

Get Scale Sleuth™ | Musical Scales: Breaking the Code (Workbook)