Music Theory Worksheets for Kids – The Piano Student

Interested in learning to read and understand the music you play? The following music theory worksheets, flash cards and games for kids are designed to drill essential music symbols and make learning music fun. Most posts provide links to free printable music resources.

Music Theory Worksheets and Workbooks

Color-by-Note | Treble Clef Note Names Worksheet Bundle
It All Adds Up! | Rhythm Worksheets (Music Theory)
Free Music Theory Worksheets for Kids (Note Names)
CodeBreaker! Free Note Naming Worksheets
Color That Note! | Free Note Name Worksheets (Music Theory)
Scale Sleuth™ | Musical Scales Workbook for Kids
Composing with Kids (Book) – Learn to Write Music
Intervals! Free Music Theory Worksheets for Kids
CodeMaker! Free Note Name Worksheets
Ready, Set, Go! Note Name Speed Tests | Free Music Worksheets
Teaching Dynamics: Linking the Visual Arts to Music
Monster-Themed Musical Spelling Bee – Free Note Name Worksheet
Clown Fish | Free Color-by-Note Worksheet (Rhythm)

Music Theory Games

Carnegie Hall Park (Matchbox Parking) | Music Theory Board Game
Pirate Quest | Music Terms Board Game (Digital Print)
Mystery Message Game | Printable Piano Recital Game

Music Flash Cards

Music Memory Game | Treble Clef Note Names
Flash Frog™ | Music Flash Cards for Beginners
Music Flash Cards for Kids | Treble and Bass Clef