Nursery Rhyme Piano Sheet Music for Children

October 5, 2008

Kids love to learn the music that is familiar to them. Some of these songs are based on popular nursery rhymes, and others have just found there way into the standard repertoire of popular songs and rhymes for children. Whatever their source, they are sure to pique the interest of your young pianist.

Very Easy Sheet Music for Piano Solo

All Through the Night for Piano Solo/Welsh Lullaby
Au Clair de la Lune for Piano Solo/Traditional
Bingo for Piano Solo/Traditional
The Farmer in the Dell for Piano Solo/Traditional
Frère Jacques for Piano Solo/Traditional
Hickory Dickory Dock for Piano Solo/Mother Goose
Hot Cross Buns for Piano Solo/Traditional
London Bridge for Piano Solo/Traditional
Mary Had A Little Lamb for Piano Solo/Traditional
Old MacDonald for Piano Solo/Traditional
Mexican Hat Dance for Piano Solo/Traditional
Pretty Little Horses (Ponies)/Traditional
Ten Little Indians for Piano Solo/Traditional
Skip to My Lou for Piano Solo/American Frontier Song

Easy Sheet Music for Piano Solo

Alouette for Piano Solo/Traditional
Boom, Boom, Ain’t It Great To Be Crazy? for Piano Solo/Traditional
The Galway Piper for Piano Solo for Piano Solo/Irish
Irish Washerwoman for Piano Solo for Piano Solo/Irish
Li’l Liza Jane for Piano Solo/Traditional
Michael Finnegan for Piano Solo/Irish
My Ma Gave Me a Nickel for Piano Solo/Traditional
Old King Cole for Piano Solo/Traditional
Pop Goes the Weasel for Piano Solo/Traditional
Sakura, Sakura for Piano Solo/Japanese
Six Little Ducks for Piano Solo/Traditional
Volga Boatman for Piano Solo/Russian
When the Saints Go Marching In for Piano Solo/Traditional




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5 Responses to “Nursery Rhyme Piano Sheet Music for Children”

  1. Chanmakhna Says:

    A brilliant composing of tunes.

  2. alby Says:

    hi there,
    can anybody help me with the music (harmony/chords) of “There’s a worm at the bottom of my garden”.???
    Many thanks

    • flibberlo Says:

      The song is in a book called “The Songs We Always Sing: 175 Favourites for Children”. It’s available in the United Kingdom. You might find it at here in the USA at

  3. Jan Thomas Says:

    Can anyone help with nursery rhymes written as piano trios, ie, three children playing the one piano?

    • flibberlo Says:

      Hi Jan,
      I’ve never heard of piano trios for one piano. My biggest concern as a composer would be a the roles they would play, and keeping the bass part from becoming too muddy. Best of luck finding what you’re looking for.

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